Daily Devotions ~ Week of September 21-26

Opening your Bible

Radical (Zealous) Radicle (Tap Root) Living

We encourage you to go deeper and read these scriptures for the following week. Remember to pray for the Holy Spirit to open your eyes, ears and heart for discernment and clarity.

Monday(9/21): Psalm 124 “Pray today that you, as a Christian, will rest completely in the name of the Lord who alone is able to help you no matter what circumstances you are in.”


Tuesday(9/22): Esther chapters 1-3 “To gain full understanding of Thursday’s lectionary scripture, we are going to give you a couple of days to gain insight into Queen Esther and how she came to host the banquet for King Xerxes and Haman.” 


Wednesday(9/23): Esther chapters 4-6 “Think about how you might be in a position to do great justice in the world (chapter 4: verses 12-14) Have you ever felt that you were created to alter a positive outcome for another’s burden?


Thursday(9/24): Esther 7: 1-10, 9: 20-22 “What might have been the outcome if Esther had chosen to play it safe and be silent? Pray for the courage to speak when it is most needed.” 


Friday(9/25): James 5: 13-20 “God wants you to be whole. In what area are you struggling with emotional or physical pain? Tell God exactly how you want him to help you.”



Saturday(9/26): Mark 9: 30-37 “What is the main point Jesus is trying to drive home to his disciples? How do you approach your faith with a childlike attitude? 

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