Hope After School Program (HASP)

Hope After School Program (HASP)

The Hope After School Program (HASP) will provide quality arts integrated academic instruction and enrichment activities that promote holistic health to students struggling academically from Spring Ridge Elementary School (SRES). Our specialized curriculum and hands-on instructional strategies will utilize visual arts, drama, music, technology and integrated manipulatives to engage students.  Student-centered learning and enrichment activities that are focused on multiple learning styles will allow HASP students to develop a passion for learning that is evidenced in an improvement in their language arts and math performance.  In our safe, stimulating environment, we will provide enrichment activities that reinforce our academic goals and foster a healthy lifestyle in each child.  Students are selected by the staff of SRES and incur no cost for participation. 


Hope ASP Mission

Together we will lift each learner to a position of empowerment and achievement.                

Together we will go along side each family offering empowering relationships and resources. 

Together we will protect and enhance the safety and dignity of students, family, and staff. 


Program Schedule

3:45pm-6:05pm Students on site (transported from SRES to MCUCM and home by FCPS buses) 

3:45-4:05  Students settle, have a snack and complete homework

4:05-5:05  Academic instruction provided by SRES teachers

5:05-6:05  Enrichment in holistic wellness and arts  


To contact Jen Russo (HASP Director): jen.russo@hopemtcarmel.org or 301-662-1303